Meet Ken and Evelyn of Mosquito Joe of Seal Beach!

Ken was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Loyola High School and graduated with a Business Administration degree from Loyola Marymount University. He was then able to study abroad and work in Rome, Italy. Ken’s early career was centered around superior customer service and logistics, working for several highly successful companies. The last 14 years he was Director of Logistics for the American Red Cross, directing the Red Cross Supply Chain of blood and supplies around the U.S. He sees Mosquito Joe as the perfect opportunity to continue serving the community and help protect the nation’s blood supply while having some fun in the process!

Fun Fact: Ken’s favorite MoJo tagline is, “Tired of being the main course in your back yard?” He’d rather be making the meal, not becoming the meal! Word on the street is Ken is an excellent cook!

Evelyn was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. She attended Mater Dei High School and also graduated from LMU with a Master’s degree in English Literature. Her early career was spent as a project manager and analyst for a national market research firm. She then taught English to high school and college students for more than 30 years. Owning a Mosquito Joe franchise with her husband marks the next step of their journey together. She hopes to help families in her community enjoy their outdoor spaces while providing great customer service and meeting interesting people along the way.

Fun Fact: Evelyn’s favorite MoJo tagline is, “Outside is fun again!” This is Evelyn’s favorite because it’s all about getting outside and being able to play in the yard, bite-free! Whether it’s eating Ken’s BBQ on the patio with family, playing cards into the night, or watching the Dodgers game in the backyard, she loves getting to enjoy her outdoor spaces!

Ken and Evelyn are parents to three grown children as well as being pet parents; they have a house full of animals – a pond of koi fish, a snake, and Scully, the golden retriever who doesn’t really retrieve.

Ken and Evelyn’s Journey to Mosquito Joe

Ken has always wanted to run his own business and he and Evelyn found Mosquito Joe to be just the right fit for their lifestyle. Ken and Evelyn believe that owning a Mosquito Joe franchise is a unique opportunity to own a beneficial home-service based business, which allows them to serve their Southern California community while continuing to have fun. Together they bring a set of skills that sets them up for success! Evelyn has great attention to detail, a strong focus on the common good and is committed to being part of the solution. Ken is dedicated to superior customer service, has a passion for logistics and efficiency and is committed to protecting blood supply! Ken and Evelyn’s favorite part about being owners of Mosquito Joe is that they can make choices and decisions that are consistent with their values. They also hope to create opportunities for their employees to be successful.
What are you waiting for? Ken and Evelyn of Mosquito Joe of Seal Beach are ready to make outside fun again for you and your family in the Southern California area! Call today to take your yard back from those annoying pests with a mosquito barrier spray, natural solution treatment or special events spray!